Falltech 7440 - Re-Usable 3/4" Temporary Anchor

Falltech 7440 - Re-Usable 3/4" Temporary Anchor

  • $135.00

FallTech concrete anchors have been designed for applications where traditional anchors fall short. Whether a temporary solution is needed for pre-cast or pour in place concrete, or if a permanent yet removable anchorage is needed, FallTech concrete anchors provide expected solutions.

Reusable 3/4" Multi-directional Temporary Anchor for Use in Existing Cured Concrete Structures; Rated to 5,000 lbs.

  • 3/4" max hole diameter and 3" max hole depth
  • Can be relocated and used repeatedly
  • Unique engineered solution designed for use in cured, existing concrete
  • Ideally suited for construction and maintenance applications

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