Do You Know the ABC's of Fall Protection?

Posted by Kiel Lindsey on

Lindsey Supply is proud to offer FallTech's full line of fall protection to help keep workers safe while working at heights.  FallTech is staffed with engineers, fall protection product developers and experts dedicated solely to the design, testing and manufacturing of fall protection products. In combination with dedicated application experts in the field, for over twenty years, FallTech has been providing fall safety equipment for people exposed to fall hazards at work and tackling fall protection problems the way they happen in real life…one worker at a time.
This video produced by FallTech goes over some of the basics of fall protection that every end user should know.  Please feel free to share this and contact Lindsey Supply if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo and/or have us get a quote together for you.  Subscribe here to stay up to date on safety topics and other useful information.

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